Sunday, 14 July 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone. At last I have managed to create my new blog (although it still has a way to go to be anywhere near what I would like!). My new crafting space is in the loft area of our house (though thankfully with a permanent staircase!) and I had christened it my craft eyrie on arrival as it seems I am in an eagle's nest way up here! I still have many boxes to unpack and find homes for the contents before I can even begin to start crafting again so I am a very frustrated little eagle at the moment! In the meantime, I have also been given some temporary accommodation in our summer house but currently it is way too hot to craft in - besides, the one thing I will need to begin that exciting new project is, of course, in The Other Place! If you can all bear with me until I am up and running in a well feathered and organised eyrie, I promise to blog more frequently (fingers crossed behind back!). Meanwhile, I am so happy to be in a new craft space in a lovely part of the UK and looking forward to spreading my wings and meeting like-minded crafty people in my area very soon!

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